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Welcome to HypnoConceive®

Extraordinary Fertility Treatment – Outstanding Results

Welcome to HypnoConceive, I am Nigel Spears and I specialise in non-invasive fertility treatments. Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey, I can help you to effectively increase your potential to conceive and maintain natural or assisted pregnancies.

At Reproductive Health Group’s hospital in Cheshire and at our satellite clinics in Bolton and Knutsford, I specialise in relieving or removing one of the biggest and most overlooked causes of infertility: mental and emotional blocks. It helps restore the mind-body connections essential for pregnancy success.

By expertly tailoring clinical hypnosis (hypnotherapy) to meet your specific needs, you have the potential to:

  • Restore and rebalance hormones
  • Restore and regulate ovulation
  • Improve egg quality and production
  • Restore sperm production, increase quality and count by up to 800%
  • Double in vitro fertilization transfer success
  • Make other fertility treatments more comfortable and successful
  • Deal with difficult or unsuccessful treatment
  • Overcome egg or sperm donation and surrogacy difficulties

For help with all of the above and much more, why not contact us now!

Why Choose HypnoConceive?

We help make getting pregnant much easier

It’s a fact that for the best possible chance to get pregnant naturally or with help, your mind has to be in the best possible place to help your body to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy. Pressure, stress and other mental and emotional difficulties often block fertility and pregnancy success.

Working at much deeper levels than other counselling and psychotherapy, I help you to break free from every day and fertility-related difficulties comfortably, easily and quickly. As a result, your potential to conceive naturally or with in vitro fertilization automatically increases. The use of hypnosis to increase fertility and pregnancy success is evidentially supported.

Clinical hypnosis, fertility and pregnancy success are perfectly matched. They are all governed by the unconscious mind, not the conscious. Trying to do something consciously, which is under the control of the unconscious, causes conflict and makes it more difficult. This definitely applies when you are trying for a baby. You can help it happen, but can’t make it happen. As hypnotherapy and conception work on the same level, it effectively increases your potential to conceive naturally or with other fertility treatments.

Even though we only work in the mind, HypnoConceive’ unique approach effectively treats many physical and biological fertility conditions. Low AMH, OHSS, tubal blockages and damaged or irregular reproductive systems, for example. Quite often, these and many more, only contribute to rather than cause sub-fertility. We use the power of the mind to significantly reduce their effects.

When other non-fertility related conditions are stopping you getting pregnant, we can often help. We can often help when other fertility treatment is unsuitable, unsuccessful or unavailable.

As we increase your reproductive health, positive changes automatically improve your personal, professional and social life.

To learn more about how hypnosis and fertility treatment are so compatible, book an initial consultation.

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Hospital Reception Area
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The specialists and team that increase fertility and in vitro fertilization success

Who Do HypnoConceive Treat?

Everyone with the potential to conceive naturally or with IVF!

It doesn’t matter who you are, how long you’ve been trying or whether you are trying to conceive naturally or with other fertility treatments, if you have the potential of getting pregnant, we can help.

If you want or need additional or alternative treatment for primary or secondary unexplained infertility or any of the diagnosed conditions below, we are here for you.

When you need help to make in vitro fertilization more comfortable and get the best possible results, we can help there too. We can desensitise you to needle phobias, reduce anti-anxiety medication and increase your potential to double embryo transfer success. I can also help when sedation is needed but not possible.

If you are a lady affected by high FSH, low AMH or OHSS, contact HypnoConceive.

Men, who need help to increase fertility, will find usual fertility treatments quite limited. Therefore, HypnoConceive’ unique approach, often proves invaluable.

As well as improving quality, it increases sperm count by up to 800% and effectively treats the male fertility conditions below.

Safe, natural and side-effect free fertility treatment specialists
Extraordinary safe, natural and side-effect free fertility treatment for: 
Fertility treatment for women

Women with diagnosed cause or unexplained infertility

Fertility treatment for men

Men with diagnosed cause or unexplained infertility

Natural fertility treatment for men and women

Increasing fertility, natural pregnancies and IVF success

Fertility treatment for same sex couples

Same sex couples or singles wanting help to start a family

Age-related fertility treatment

Age-related difficulties: egg & sperm production or quality

Egg or sperm donation and surrogacy support

Offering support with donation, surrogacy & more

Female Fertility Conditions
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Irregular or absent menstruation
  • Irregular ovulation and anovulation
  • Egg quality
  • Premature ovarian insufficiency
  • Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
  • Polycystic ovaries
  • Endometriosis, fibroids or polyps
  • Tubal blockages and damage or irregular reproductive systems
  • Miscarriage and loss
  • Libido – low sex drive
Male Fertility Conditions
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Sperm production, quality and count 
  • Erection and ejaculation difficulties
  • Hormone imbalances 
  • Varicocoele, prostatitis and hypospadias etc
  • Unsuccessful vasectomy reversal
  • Damaged or irregular reproductive systems
Other Fertility Blocks
  • Anxiety, stress and depression etc
  • Fears and phobias (needles/hospitals/childbirth etc)
  • Weight control, eating disorders, diet and nutrition
  • Smoking, alcohol and recreational drugs
  • Diabetes, blood pressure etc
  • Autoimmune diseases including thyroid
  • Medication side-effects
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Work-life balance issues
  • Much more…

Our Extraordinary Treatment

How we increase fertility, natural pregnancies & in vitro fertilization success

By personally tailoring clinically proven and innovative clinical hypnotherapy to meet your specific needs, you increase your potential to conceive and maintain healthy pregnancies fast. To help you learn a little more about HypnoConceive’ perfectly natural, safe and side-effect free fertility treatment; here is what you need to know.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are not the same.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis, or trance, is a perfectly natural altered state of awareness that most adults drift into approximately 600 times every day. Daydreaming, driving, enjoying what you’re doing and losing track of time are typical examples. We generally drift in when we are comfortable or relaxed, our mind is focused and we become absorbed. It’s called awakened hypnosis and is generally therapeutic.

There are other states of hypnosis; one is symptomatic trance, which you will have been in many, many times and maybe persisting. Focusing and becoming absorbed in getting pregnant, finding the best possible time or fertility treatment and worrying about the results, will definitely have taken you in. HypnoConceive uses therapeutic trance to break symptomatic trance comfortably, easily and quickly.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and you can only be hypnotised if you want to be. Because you are not asleep and have awareness in hypnosis, you are always in control.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is also known as clinical hypnosis. It is the therapeutic use of hypnosis and the only treatment able to access the unconscious mind which has overall control of conception. By delivering expertly tailored and non-invasive mind-body fertility treatment directly to the unconscious mind, we relieve or remove conscious and subconscious fertility blocks. The changes in the mind significantly improve physical and biological reproductive health making it much easier to conceive naturally or with in vitro fertilization.

MRI brain scans prove that real changes are made in hypnosis. Scans show that different areas of the brain and lots more of it are much more active in hypnosis than any other time. They also show neuroplasticity increases in hypnosis too. Neuroplasticity is the minds ability to form new functional neural pathways and connections and break dysfunctional ones. This is how I restore, improve and increase the mind-body connections essential for pregnancy success.

What are Mind-Body Connections?

Mind-body connections are quite simply how our mind affects our body and how our body affects our mind. For example, if we are physically unwell, it can make us down and depressed. If we are anxious or stressed, it can cause headaches, conditions like IBS and as you already know; sub-fertility. So, we all need healthy mind-body connections to keep us healthy and well physically, mentally and emotionally.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hypnosis FAQ's

“Are there any side-effects?”

The only known side-effect of hypnosis and hypnotherapy is that you could fall asleep.

“Can I get stuck in hypnosis?”

Absolutely not! You can always bring yourself out of hypnosis whenever you choose.

“If I can hear things in hypnosis, am I really hypnotised?”

Because you are relaxed in hypnosis and not asleep, you have awareness. Just like in daydreams, you still have some conscious awareness of what you hear and what is happening.

“How will I know that I have been hypnotised then?”

It can be easily proved to almost everyone, that they have been hypnotised at the end of a session.

Hypnotherapy FAQ's

“What does hypnotherapy help with?”

Because hypnotherapy is mind-body medicine, it effectively treats a wide range of physical and biological medical conditions as well as mental and emotional issues. It comfortably, easily and quickly helps change thoughts, feelings and behaviours to achieve dreams, goals and ambitions.

“How long will it take and how many sessions will I need?”

Hypnotherapy is classed as brief therapy. This means that the results are expected to happen in weeks, not months. Although change can happen with a single session, an average of 6 – 9 may be needed for fertility. The number of sessions you require depends on your difficulties, your commitment to the sessions and work outside of them and, me being the right therapist with the treatment you need.

“How will I know hypnotherapy and HypnoConceive is right for me?”

Come and talk to us, it’s the only way. If you feel comfortable when you do, then we are probably right for you.

Peace of Mind FAQ's

“Are all hypnotherapists the same?”

Definitely not! Because there is no current legislation regulating hypnotherapists or their training in the UK, absolutely anyone with little, meaningless or no qualifications can call themselves a hypnotherapist.

“What about HypnoConceive’ training and qualifications?”

HypnoConceive’ Nigel Spears MSc, studied hypnotherapy for seven years and received a Clinical Hypnotherapy Master of Science degree with distinction from the University of West London in 2015. There are around twelve more in Britain and Europe.

“Who should not be hypnotised?”

In the UK, anyone who has been diagnosed with: epilepsy or seizures, recent heart conditions, bipolar affective disorder, dissociative identity disorder, schizophrenia or other psychoses, should not be hypnotised.

Unanswered Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns that have not been answered above, call HypnoConceive. There is no pressure or obligation.

Your Fertility Hypnosis Specialist

Nigel Spears MSc. PG Cert (Clin.Hyp.), PDCHyp, PDCBHyp, DBSCH

When in vitro fertilization was in its infancy and not an option for me, I realised that the state of the mind helps to effectively increase fertility and pregnancy success. After six years of battling with physical and biological fertility conditions which were blocking us from getting pregnant, we were told to consider fostering or adoption. When we did, the pressure and stress from trying to get pregnant disappeared and we conceived our daughter just two months later.

After qualifying as a clinical hypnotherapist in 2010, I set up my general practice Headstart Clinical Hypnotherapy. Many adults and children have achieved life-changing results with my expertly tailored clinical hypnotherapy. Men and women needing help to get pregnant were amongst them. My passion for effectively increasing fertility, natural conception and IVF success; safely, naturally and with no side-effects, resulted in me opening HypnoConceive in 2018 after further training. As additional or alternative fertility treatment, I can often help when others can’t.

HypnoConceive' clinical hypnotherapist Nigel Spears


My passion for striving to help patients receive the best treatment and achieve the best possible results has resulted in me being awarded one of only twelve Clinical Hypnosis Master’s Degrees in the UK. I am also a diplomate of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and have had small-scale research published in an international medical journal.

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For increased accessibility, we also have satellite clinics in Bolton and Knutsford. For further details, please contact HypnoConceive.

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Clinical hypnosis and Natural Conception

Hypnosis increases pregnancy success by over 70% in 554 couples with unexplained infertility. Vyas R. et al.2013

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Hypnosis Increases Natural Conception by 50%: Infertile women utilizing mind/body techniques such as hypnosis have a 42 – 55% conception rate as compared to 20% with in vitro fertilization (IVF). Domar AD. et al. 2000

Hypnosis increases pregnancy success by 65% in women with 2-12 years infertility aged 26-42. Quinn p, Pawson M. 1994

Hypnosis and natural conception: Hypnosis based on imagery and a relaxation strategy was successful in facilitating pregnancy. The treatment was considered to have resulted in beneficial modification of attitude, optimism, and mind-body interaction. The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis 1995

Clinical Hypnosis and IVF

IVF patients should be offered hypnosis: As mind/body programs are effective for reducing negative emotions that may impair IVF success, patients should be offered such a program in conjunction with IVF. Fertility and Sterility Journal.1998, vol. 69

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Hypnosis successfully restores menstruation in 75% of women with amenorrhea: Treatment of functional hypothalamic amenorrhea with hypnotherapy. Tschugguel, W. Berga, S. L. (2003).


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